Friday, September 27, 2013

I went to one of my favorite places again last night. I had a free ticket
that was set to expire, so I chose a movie I thought might be good.

The theater was all the way to the back of the hall as
this movie had been out for a while now.

That's right. Elysium.

Elysium turned out to be one of the biggest pieces of CRAP propaganda
fests I have ever seen. I mean one of THEE BIGGEST. That is
as much of a review as this bleeding heart nonsense movie is worth.

I closed the theater again though. I'm always down with being the last
one out of the theater late at night. Being a night person makes me happy.
This was the evening's good part.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Another photo from my 2012 visit to The Gene Autry Museum of Western
Heritage in Griffith Park, California. This Colt .45 pistol, gunbelt and holster
belonged to Jack Hoxie. Jack Hoxie and his brother Al were unfortunately
considered dreadful film makers of the 1920s. According to the museum, they
are barely remembered today. But this pistol and leather from the 1920s look
gorgeous to me. Aged to perfection. I could look at it all day. And that is why
I go to the museum alone, because I do.

I left the photo pretty big. Open in a new window or tab to appreciate it
if you wish.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The above is an absolutely (in my humble opinion) beautiful and well
made holster crafted by Bianchi International. This thumb break holster
is a #5BH made for a Ruger GP100 4" BBL .357 magnum double
action revolver.

I have had a Bianchi holster for almost every pistol (double action,
single action or double or single action semi-auto, I think that 'bout
covers it) I have ever owned. I love leather holsters and in my book
Bianchi does it right.

This is the Bianchi International building in Temecula California. They
were located in this building for years. They are no longer here.
Sad face. As a matter of fact, Bianchi is no longer Bianchi. Another
sad face. Oh well.

La la la la la la la la, laaaaaaaaa. I looove yooouuu (again today).

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It doesn't matter what this is.
It's just wrong.

Monday, September 23, 2013

One great thing about growing up in California is that
you learn Spanish just by being out and about on a daily basis.
For instance, I know that the sign on the right reads:

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tony Stark! Holla!
I had just gone out for the new IRON MAN 3 Blu-ray/DVD
combo when dang-it all...

...this darn copy of the Halloween 35th Anniversary Blu-ray embossed
digibook showed up on the shelves. I could not leave it behind. Damn.
They are exploiting my every weakness on a continuous basis now.
A POX on their house! (Not really. I love them.)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Going to the dentist always makes me nervous. What's wrong
and how much? Today was no exception.

Huzzah! Second clean bill of health in a row!

And here are your souvenirs Ms. Borden! Keep up the good work!

See you in April!

Friday, September 20, 2013

The moon tonight on my way home. It was a cool moon.
My camera (or my skill level) could not capture it very well.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nothing says "California" like palm trees.... Well, that and a few
other things, but we won't go there just now.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I pretty much want one of these.

Avenged Sevenfold in da house!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We've been going to The Indian Store for quite a few years. They have
all things Native American and the place is really great.

This statue stands outside. I unfortunately do not know who he is. It
might be obvious and I'm probably lame for not knowing. There
is some writing at the base of the statue, but I didn't get a photo. Fail.

I love these wool blankets. I've seen them for years on travels through the
Southwest, but I've never been able to buy one. They are not inexpensive.

They do have hats, although I don't believe that they are especially good hats.
I did have my eyes on these tricorn hats though. But they were charging a
little more than I wanted to pay. I believe they are wool. They are just
fun hats. Better then some, not as good as many more.

I did not get photos of all the most beautiful stuff, there is lots of that.

And they had these turtles in a half barrel that were pretty cagey. Every time, and
I mean every time I would look in on them, they would all in unison retreat into
their shells. It was uncanny. I never once got even a glimpse of them. Amazing.

A really bad photo of a pretty neat antler lamp. It reminds me of something
from a lodge in Yosemite.

I don't usually buy much at all if anything. It's mostly just a great place to visit
and look around. But this time I did buy these two conchos, I have a little
collection of conchos going on. Western type for the most part.

Another nice visit. Will go back again soon.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Today was great. We hit up a Spirit Halloween store. In all
honesty, they just didn't seem to have as many neat things to
see this year. They were light on the "slasher" this time around.
And no Rob Zombie's "Halloween" products at all. Not even
one Charlie "Tiger Blood!" Sheen item to be seen!
But hey, lots of other stuff... So let's move on...

It's the infamous "Deady Bear". Everybody loves this cute little guy
who can't seem to get enough of poking himself with a sharp knife.
He was popular last year and folks who missed out have another
chance. That's not me though. I'm a skull/body parts person.

And new at Spirit this year is a Garden Troll theme. It's all about
little front yard trolls that are not fans of a long lifespan, namely yours. The
little guys above do a wobble all around dance that will send chills up
and down your spine. No kidding. It is really creepy.
I wish I had taken a video. But nope.

I'm a little confused as it was darn noisy and weird in this section of the
store, but I think when you press the red button on this first aid
box, it sets off...

...Old Sparky here frying this poor guy over and over, and over and over.
He's pretty neat in person. He writhes around screaming and little strobes
are going off at his wrists that make it look like he is really feeling some jolts.

 Under low light he would look great.

I had a 20% off coupon today, so I now have a new friend.
He sat in the back when we were moving though.
No seat belt required.

More to come.... Bring on Halloween!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Yesterday when my son and I went to pick up my Friday the 13th Blu-ray
collection, we decided to stop someplace for dinner. It was a crap shoot. We
saw this place, Yellow Basket and thought it looked interesting. We were
gonna give it a go.

But when we saw this sign on the way in, we were a little spooked. I mean,
what kind of cook do they have NOW? We jest. We're a funny pair, we two.

It turned out to be a great atmosphere. On the outside it looked like an old
El Pollo Loco restaurant to me, an old Del Taco to my son (he is so wrong),
but the inside was totally a Tom's. Even the menu was almost a Tom's.

And just like Tom's they had hot peppers for the taking! We are all OVER
hot peppers for the taking. Every day of the week we are for hot peppers
for the taking.

 Ice cold coke in old school cups is always the best.

And finally, it's true. The food is served in a yellow basket. I will finish this
up by saying, the bacon burger with thousand island dressing on it was
nothing less than a ten out of ten. Quite possibly a twelve out of ten.

My mouth is watering, but alas with this place being forty miles away, I
won't be enjoying it again anytime soon.

And coming up? Our first trips of the Halloween Season to look
for spooky stuff. Those old feelings are returning. Mwa ha haaaa.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Today was a totally exciting day for an F13 fan nerd.
The Best Buy I usually go to did not have what I have been
waiting a couple of years for so I had to go to another town
some 35 miles away. But I'm good with that because...

...I got it! I finally got my "Friday the 13th: The Complete
Collection" on Blu-ray.

It comes in the collector tin you see on the left. It has every F13 movie plus
Freddy vs. Jason, also the 2009 remake AND a Killer Bonus DVD Disc.
Add in a 40 page booklet containing excerpts from the book "Crystal Lake
Memories", 3D glasses for F13 Part 3D, and... official Camp Crystal Lake embroidered Counselor Patch
that I am really enjoying. It all comes bundled in a red elastic band
that reads, "I told the others, they didn't believe me. You're all doomed.
You're all doomed." Crazy Ralph was mostly right.

Anyway, I am so happy to finally have this set and yes I did pay $99.99
for it (I had a $5 Rewards coupon I used also). But that's how much I love
the Friday the 13th franchise, and Jason Voorhees and Shelly from Part 3.

I also went over to Temecula to this Army Navy store. I go there on
occasion. It's not the greatest surplus store ever by far though. It just
never has that much and their knives are for the most part so
overpriced it is silly.

I picked up this boonie hat. Good for just bein' around under
the sun. It's more or less a "just in case" hat. I am a hat
freak in general, so...

Friday, September 13, 2013

~ Happy Friday the 13th! September, 2013 ~


So there I am eating a late night fast food dinner, when what do
my wandering eyes spy? That's right! My first Spirit Halloween
Store sighting for the 2013 season (closed tonight of course).  I will
 be hitting this store up (and a few others) in a couple of days.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I don't have much to say about this other than... one of
them thar balloons needs to get with the program.