Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Happy Halloween 2023 from your friends at
El Rancho De La Tex.

Monday, October 30, 2023

Leatherface AKA Thomas Hewitt AKA Bubba
Sawyer AKA etc. etc. etc. at Party City.

This Leatherface animatronic at Party City was a lot more
impressive in person. We liked it a lot. I wish my video
could've captured what we saw while standing in front of
it. But this will give you the idea I'm thinkin'.


I really like the colors of these neon skeletons at
Party City. They'd probably look fantastic
under black lights.

The holidays are coming up and Party City
has your Krampus fix covered. Just the
thing to stimulate the kiddies on
Christmas morning.

Party City calls this the "Iridescent Pink Leather Festival"
hat. I call it the "What Happens at the Kit Kat Club
Stays at the Kit Kat Club" hat.

How 'bout this creepy but very cool incense burner
we spotted at the Indian Store? We LIKE it.
One of these may be in our future.

And finally, The Butcher at Spirit Halloween.

Tomorrow IS Halloween(!!) and if all goes according
to plan, after dark here at The Ranch we will be feasting
on pizza and popcorn while attending Borden Cinema's
 showing of Sleepaway Camp. We can't wait!

Sleep well my friends!

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Don't look up!

A Sam (from the movie Trick 'r Treat) lamp.
He is 15" tall. He works on 3 LR44 batteries
which are not included. Hmmm... I always
thought these guys were plug ins.

Don't look up again!

What the?!
Oh this guy is definitely in a bad way.
Probably rabies or the flu.

A SCREAM backpack.
Ghostface makes his third and final Spooktober 2023
appearance (sad face). See ya next year, buddy!
Oh who am I kidding. He will most likely be
appearing at Borden Cinema well before
next Spooktober (happy face).

Halloween is close, man.
Real close.

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Another backpack today. This one is from Killer
Klowns from Outer Space. Look at those great colors.
And to think that those two hideous looking creatures
are spawned from guns that shoot popcorn. That is
just plain horrifying. (The gun on the bag is not
a Popcorn Gun. It is a Cotton Candy Gun.)

And speaking of Cotton Candy Guns, they are back at
Spirit this year. These went fast last year as they are
actually pretty dang great. I did not get a video of
them in action because... fail.

I cannot believe that they actually have these.
If you've seen Killer Klowns, you know. If you
have not seen Killer Klowns, you need  to. The
bottom line is, do not fall for any
puppet shenanigans.

Ghostface makes another appearance. I'm not
sure what "Horror Babies" are about,
but there they are.

These "Bite Me" socks at Party City
might come in handy year-round.

And lastly for today is This Guy. Because
you gotta have a This Guy every Spooktober!

Only three gruesome ghoulish
nights until Halloween!

Friday, October 27, 2023

Over at Party City we have THIS creep.
The Pumpkin Creep. He will trap you in
his vines forever. And forever is an
awfully long time.

See what I mean?

Halloween is so close now.

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Over at Party City I am almost afraid to
look at this guy's face. But oh well, let's take a...

...oh yeah, bad idea. Moving along.

SCREAM'S Ghostface has not yet made an
appearance this year. Let's fix that with
this fun little bust at Spirit Halloween.

Yeah we did not take advantage.

"What's the matter, kid? Don't ya like clowns?"
It's not that, Captain. It's just that.... well... um.... Bye!

If this wall of spiders at Party City starts to
fray your nerves, they have...

...Mr. Zen Skeleton to help inspire calm.
So relaxing.


We spotted this in the Walmart parking lot.
It's the cat's pajamas when people all around
town get into the Halloween Spirit.

These are folks after...

...our own hearts.

Only five stormy nights until Halloween!

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

 !!! Michael Myers Day !!!

Yep. It is that day here at The Ranch. Good old Michael
from the "Halloween" movies. The dude is an
icon of  Scaresville.

Kind of a weird Halloween II (1981) mask,
but okay. Moving right along.

I like this backpack. I don't know how well
made they are, but they look very cool.

I like this decorative knife as well.
They have made these for a few movies. Wouldn't
take up much space in your movie room.

A fun little MM lamp. The Jack O'Lantern
has a bulb in it. These don't seem like all that
but when you get them home and put 'em on
the shelf, they are awesome.

And here it is. I hung up my 2023 Halloween
Crawl souvenir of the year.

Welcome to Haddonfield!

I like it!

Thank you, Dr. Loomis!

It has been a great Michael Myers day and there
are only six more eerie, damp nights until Halloween!

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Ladies! Gentlemen! Children of all ages!
Spirit Halloween is proud to present... Dagger Mike!
Mr. Mike is 3' 11" inches tall, but get too close and
he pops up to an intimidating 4' 9" while laughing
maniacally and showing off his blades letting
you know in no uncertain terms
that he. means. business.


Unfortunately, Mr. Mike was half behind the mausoleum
display and I could only record one half of him at a time. And
the one half that I DID record featured his dagger getting stuck in
that torch pot over and over. But the horrific half of Dagger Mike
that you CAN'T see is doing the same horrific thing that the half
you CAN see is doing, except for getting his dagger stuck in a
torch pot... over and over.


Gotta have some Chucky from Child's Play.
Friends 'til the end! Pretty good mask.

And will you look at this? Spirit Halloween actually
has a blow up hearse. I wish they would have had this
14' beauty on display. Maybe next time.

Only seven cold dark nights until Halloween.
Spooktober is flying by!

Monday, October 23, 2023

Hey buddy.
How you doin' down there?

"Did you REALLY just ask me that??"
Oh yeah, sorry Mr. Party City Zombie Man.

"How could you be that insensitive?

"You need to leave."


Sunday, October 22, 2023

A little Día de los Muertos at one of our all
time favorites (and the eighth stop on our
Annual Halloween Crawl), the Indian Store.

A shelf just chock-full of Native
American designed aliens!

The Indian Store has many beautiful things,
but this Buck 184 Buckmaster knock off (under
glass) is a REAL HORROR.

More from the Indian Store to come.

Saturday, October 21, 2023

How about a few of my favorites today?
Body parts at Spirit. Always fun.
Body parts in ropes...

... and body parts in chains.
Hands and arms and legs oh my!

More ropes.
It looks like they were clawing at the ground as
the unspeakable deed took place.

These brains look like they have been brushed with watered
down Chef Boyardee do-it-yourself-at-home-pizza sauce.
Hmmm... That IS actually pretty gross.

Party City makes