Thursday, October 1, 2020

It's that time of year again!
This picture is actually from our Annual Halloween
Crawl of 2019. We are looking forward to whatever type of
Halloween activities we can squeeze out of this weird year.

I started my scary movie watching month a day or two
early with a viewing of Midsommar. Kind of freaky.
I think when I figure out more about it, it will seem
even more freaky. I am not reading anything about
it yet. I want to watch it again first. I did enjoy it.

I spent a lot of the movie just looking for Easter eggs as
I know there have to be many. Easter eggs are fun.

I also felt really bad for that girl Dani,
until the very very end... I think.

If I could get a nickel for every
"it", I would be up a quarter.

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