Sunday, February 11, 2024

I carried my Streamlight Stylus Pro 2AAA flashlight everywhere
for 15 years until last week when... the dang batteries leaked
and ruined it. This is the third flashlight that I have lost
by way of leaky batteries. Ack. And I do check the batteries
in all of my flashlights regularly in an effort to avoid this
situation, but it seems that some batteries have a schedule of
their own. And that was a good light too. 15 years.

I use my lights on a daily basis. I needed to replace it. So I did
that with this Streamlight MicroStream. This one has two modes:
Low is 50 lumens and high is 250. The light has a clicky switch
that allows for momentary on, a must for me.
(Please pardon the dust. *blush*)

But this time I went with a USB rechargable flashlight. I am
going to see how that works out for me. I have always gone
with lights that use alkaline batteries because if they go dead,
I have more at hand and they can be found anywhere.
But dang it, I don't want another light down due to a leak.
Balance I reckon. So a year or two, we will see.

Oh, and I really do like the new flashlight.
It is working out for me so far.
Never had a bad Streamlight.

But Fenix? That's a story for another day.

Tonight starts the Star Wars Six Night
Film Festival only at Borden Cinema!

We've been looking forward to this for ages!
With luck, it will morph into the Ten Night Festival
which would include Rogue One and the Sequel Trilogy.

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