Saturday, October 20, 2012

This is a little skull patch of sorts that a friend at work gave to me
some time ago. I really like it. You might have seen it before on my
blog site down by the counter. I think the patch is too cool to put on a
jacket or something just to have it get old and wear out. I would rather
keep it on display so I will have it forever. She also gave me a pair of socks
with little skulls and crossbones on them. She knows me.
Underneath the patch you can see the top of a Disneyland Program Guide.
I bought this when my son was little. The day before we would go
to Disneyland we would look through it together and get hyped up in
anticipation of all the fun we were going have. Just a little tradition.
I have a couple of these guides going all the way back to the opening
of the park.

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